Christmas shopping

Christmas shopping
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Full title: Christmas shopping
Release Date: 1949-12-21
Duration: 01:45
Subject Categories: society, economy
About the film

Popular Polish Department Stores: warehouse, the department of textiles, the household department, the toys department. Sale of Christmas trees. Christmas tree decorated with ornaments.

Supervisor: Lemańska Helena
Written by: Galis Adam
Director of Photography: Pyrkosz Jerzy
Subject Number: 13-15
Object: Popular Department Stores in Warsaw
Time: 1949
Place: Warsaw
Rights: WFDiF
Sound: mono
Frame Size: 4:3
Colour system: black and white
Sequence description
00:00:09:03Bottles of spirits on the store shelves.
00:00:00:00Inscription: "Christmas SHOPPING". Magazine PDT.
00:00:11:20Department of fabrics and textiles.
00:00:25:01Stand with household goods (plates, vases, etc.).
00:00:35:01Toy department.
00:00:46:01Children browsing and playing with toys.
00:01:05:05A sleeping baby.
00:01:09:04Christmas trees being sold.
00:01:20:14A christmas tree decorated with ornaments.
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reader text

This year's Christmas preparations were marked by abundance and prosperity. Across far and wide department stores filled their warehouses and their shops. The early implementation of the three-year plan allowed us to meet the increased needs and demands of buyers. Through increased productivity and higher wages we could afford to purchase any goods and Christmas gifts. The last days of the year we celebrate in the spirit of further tenacious struggle for a happy future for our children, for peace, the greatest treasure of ordinary people around the world.

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