Terms of service

Terms of service

The terms of service define the rules of using the service of The National Film Archive’s Digital Repository  (in content: Digital Repository FN) and its contents. “Materials available in the service” and “materials” include film materials, shots from films, and texts.


About the service

1. The Digital Repository FN is a service which specializes in presenting and making feature films, documents and animations from the National Film Archive’s resources available.

2. The service is dedicated to film producers, multimedia publishing houses, media institutions, companies, and individuals.

3. The film materials presented in the service are meant for watching. This does not mean however that each of the presented materials has already been transferred to an electronic medium of high quality for professional use.



Viewing the materials does not require registration. All of the materials available in the Digital Repository FN service are subject to copyright laws. Copying the materials is forbidden.


Conditions of buying and using the service

1. The user must provide the way the material will be used and its range (field of exploitation) when making an order.

2. Each material contains information about its copyright owner in the description. The user buying materials available in the service is obliged to obtain the rights and permissions required by the law from 4th February 1994 concerning Copyright and Related Rights (Dz.U. z 2006 r. nr 90 poz. 631 z późn. zm), including images of people presented in the film which will be used for the goals described in the order.

3. Before the rights and permissions are obtained every usage of the uploaded materials may not go beyond the approved use and rights of images stated in Chapter 3 The Approved use of materials and article 81 from the law of 4 February 1994 concerning copyrights Copyright and Related Rights (Dz.U. z 2006 r. nr 90, poz. 631 z późn. zm.).

4. In case the materials are used in breach of the law, the user of the materials available in the service takes full legal responsibility for its unjustified use and is obliged to fulfil any claims of authorised people as well as claims against The National Film Archive.

5. In case of any doubts regarding the usage of the materials available in the service, the User should contact customer service for further information before making the order.

6. The National Film Archive has the right to make materials available after having received the payment from the User.

7. The Digital Repository FN makes the ordered materials available for a single usage without the right to archive them or give them to any third parties. The presented material must be signed according to the following pattern: title, director, production year, copyright owner/National Film Archive.

8. The materials may not be used against the law or against social norms, especially in a way which would intrude the personal interests of people presented in the materials. Using the materials from the service for editing required The National Film Archive’s approval.

9. Orders with incorrect client data or incorrectly filled out will not be realized.


Privacy policy

1. Any data received by The National Film Archive for the orders and customer service of the users of the Digital Repository FN will not be provided to any third parties.

2. The National Film Archive guarantees the protection of Users’ data. The received information is used by The National Film Archive for essential contact with Users and for the correct handling of orders. Data is processed in accordance with the law of 29.08.1997 concerning the protection of personal data (Dz. U. z 2002 r. Nr 101 poz.926 z późn. zm.).


Final remarks

1. The creators of the service do their best to make sure that the descriptions of the available film materials is reliable and complete and that the customer service measures up to the expectations of our Users. Despite this there may be certain mistakes or shortcomings in the descriptions that The National Film Archive does not take responsibility for.

2. Please send any remarks or questions concerning the usage of the materials presented in the service to the adequate sections of The National Film Archive:


  •  concerning the usage of feature or animation films:

          Film Rights and Sales Director Włodzimierz Lech wlech@fn.org.pl or tel. + 48 22 826 08 49

  •  concerning the usage of documentaries:

           Customer Service zok@fn.org.pl or tel. + 48 22 840 80 95

  •  comments about film descriptions:

           repozytoriumcyfrowe@fn.org.pl or tel. +48 22 841 25 04.


The National Film Archive has the right to make any changes in the above terms of service, while the User is obliged to follow the version of the terms of service effective in the time of usage of the Digital Repository FN service.