LOT crew after the flight over the Atlantic

LOT crew after the flight over the Atlantic
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Full title: Powitanie na Okęciu załogi LOT-u po przelocie przez Atlantyk
Signature: MF.164
Release Date: 1938-06
Date of Production: 1938
Duration: 0:01:33
Subject Categories: economy, society
About the film

Chief executive of LOT Wacław Makowski, along with the crew at Okęcie next ot Lockheed L-14H Super Electra aircraft. Crowds, congratulations, shouts, cheers. Tossing of captain Makowski in the air.

Subject Number: 1
Person: Wacław Makowski (chief executive of LOT)
Time: 1938-06
Place: Warsaw, Okęcie
Rights: orphan works ( Filmoteka Narodowa)
Sound: mono
Frame Size: 4:3
Colour system: black and white
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reader text

At the airport at Okęcie in Warsaw, was officially welcomed the brave crew of Polish Airlines with major Makowski in charge, which on the new Lockheed Super Electra aircraft completed wonderful flight from America to Poland over the Atlantic on route length of 26 000 kilometers.

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expert's comment

During the second part of 30s. Polish Airlines LOT significantly increased its fleet. They bought f.ex. 10 american planes Lockheed L-14 Superelectra. Usually machines were transported by sea, but on the 13 May 1938 it was decided that propaganda flight from Lokheed works in Burbank in California to Warsaw would take place.
Plane marked with numbers SP-LMK, commanded by major Wacław Makowski finished its flight (23125km) on the 6 June. That day, from early morning the publicity was transported by buses to the Warsaw airport. At 15:30 after two encirclement above the Okęcie Airport and after being welcomed by the two planes of the same specification, major Makowski had landed. The airplane was almost immediately crowned by the spectators. Among the publicity, there was major Makowski's son, Jacek, who gave his father his favorite teddy bear. "You know Jacek, your teddy bear was on the steering wheel during whole flight" - said major after some time.(GR).

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