From Jerusalem to Tel-Aviv

From Jerusalem to Tel-Aviv
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About the film

Jerusalem’s landscapes: walls of Old Jerusalem, the Damascus Gate, street traffic, the Polish Home, Arab district of the Old Town, the Mount of Olives, panorama of Jerusalem, Omar mosque, the seat of government of Palestine, General Consulate of Poland, Jerusalem Imka, building of Polish airline's LOT branch, Jerusalem - view from above, Palestinian landscape. Views from Tel-Aviv: city, harbor, beach. Jaffa visible from afar

Time: 1939
Place: Tel Aviv, Jerusalem
Rights: dzieło osierocone (dyspozytariusz Filmoteka Narodowa)
Sound format: mono
Colour: black and white
Language: pl
sequence description
00:00:01:05Inscription: "Polish Telegraphic Agency presents a film titled: From Jerusalem to Tel Aviv".
00:00:11:18Inscription: "The original reportage of Romuald Gantkowski".
00:00:20:06Inscription: "Photos by Tadeusz Morawka".
00:00:25:00Inscription: "Music by Francis Izbica. Performance by the Warsaw Opera Orchestra."
00:00:33:16Walls of Old Jerusalem.
00:00:44:11Damascus Gate.
00:00:50:22Streets scenes.
00:01:13:22The Polish House.
00:01:23:04Panorama of Jerusalem.
00:01:54:04Mount of Olives.
00:02:09:22Mosque of Omar.
00:02:34:01Children coming out of the Polish House escorted by nuns .
00:02:54:22Streets and inhabitants of Palestine. Men smoking hookahs.
00:03:47:05Headquarter of the Palestinian government.
00:03:57:05Consulate of the Republic of Poland.
00:04:09:14Jerusalem’s YMCA.
00:04:24:15Hotel "King David".
00:04:33:20The offices of Polish airline LOT.
00:04:42:23Aerial view of Jerusalem. A pilot in the cockpit. Fields around Tel Aviv.
00:05:53:16Landing of an aircraft in Lydda.
00:06:39:04An aircraft at the airport.
00:06:45:07Seaport of Tel Aviv.
00:07:11:03Panorama of Tel Aviv.
00:07:19:16The Hotel "Yarkon".
00:07:32:12Streets and buildings in Tel Aviv, among others, " AZGOURS RITZ HOTEL”, a poster with Greta Garbo advertising a film entitled " Garbo: The Painted Veil”.
00:08:49:13An esplanade overlooking the sea.
00:09:08:01People on the beach.
00:09:37:20Jaffa on the horizon.
00:09:57:13Sunset over the sea.
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