New sport buildings of the capital in Bielany

New sport buildings of the capital in Bielany
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Full title: Nowe budowle sportowe stolicy na Bielanach
Signature: MF.609
Release Date: 1930
Date of Production: 1929
Duration: 0:02:04
Subject Categories: society, sport, science and education
About the film

CIWF buildings, military schools that was to educate physical education teachers for schools and the military. Arrival of guests. Visiting CIWF buildings, among the visitors, Wladyslaw Kilinski - director of the State Office of Physical Education and Military Education. Exercises with medicine ball. CIWF facilities under construction [newsreel originally silent - sound added recently].

Subject Number: 7
Person: Maksymilian Dudryk (engineer), Władysław Osmólski (doctor, colonel of Polish army), Władysław Kiliński (colonel of Polish army)
Object: do uzupelnienia
Event: do uzupelnienia
Time: 1929
Place: Warsaw
Rights: orphan works ( Filmoteka Narodowa)
Sound: none
Frame Size: 4:3
Colour system: black and white
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[Subtitles]. Managers of district offices of the National Inst. of Phys. Edu. visit a series of new sports facilities of the capital. Bielany. Central Institute of Physical Education. General view of areas that are close to completion. Water tower with adjacent huge indoor swimming pool. Chief engineer Dudryk explains principles of construction of the pitches. Exercise hall - 120 mtr. length. Ball, weight 2-4 klg., particularly recommended by doctors, is quite popular... Lt. -Col. K.J. Martin accompanied by gen. Ph. D. Rouperta and dir. of C.I.W.F. col. Osmólski. Dir. of State Office Phys. Edu. col. Kilinski. Construction of grandstands, under which are located large sports facilities.

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