Czeslaw Niemen

Czeslaw Niemen
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Full title: Czeslaw Niemen. A music video for the song titled "My Fatherland".
Release Date: 1979-01-09
Duration: 02:10
Subject Categories: culture and arts, society, life style
About the film

Music clip for the song "My Fatherland". Czeslaw Niemen with his family.

Director of Photography: Skoczek Zbigniew
Subject Number: 4
Person: Natalia Niemen (older daughter of Czeslaw Niemen), Malgorzata Niemen (a model, wife of Czeslaw Niemen), Czeslaw Niemen (a singer, composer, lyricist), Eleonora Niemen (younger daughter of Czeslaw Niemen)
Time: 1979
Place: Poland
Foreign Exchange: Wytwórnia Filmowa, ZSRR
Rights: WFDiF
Sound: mono
Frame Size: 4:3
Colour system: black and white
Sequence description
00:00:05:01Niemen with his wife and children on a stroll through the park. It's raining.
00:00:15:20Niemen with a child in his arms.
00:00:17:10Niemen with a child.
00:00:25:15Niemen with his wife and child.
00:00:32:22Niemen in the recording studio. He sings and plays the piano.
00:00:46:01Niemen with a child in his arms.
00:00:47:16Niemen in the recording studio.
00:00:56:04Niemen with a child.
00:01:04:10Niemen in the recording studio.
00:01:21:04Niemen with his wife and children.
00:01:33:09Niemen in the recording studio.
00:01:48:20Niemen with his wife and children.
00:00:00:08Inscription: "CZESŁAW NIEMEN". Drops of water on a branch.
00:00:30:01One of Niemen’s daughters.
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reader text

We present you the well-known Czeslaw Niemen today with his new song "My Fatherland" to the words of Cyprian Norwid. Quite unlike the usual. Not only during the recording in the studio, but also during a winter stroll with his wife and children.

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