The National Museum in Cracow

The National Museum in Cracow
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Full title: Muzeum Narodowe w Krakowie. Renowacja zniszczonych przez okupanta dzieł sztuki
Release Date: 1945-08-31
Subject Categories: culture and arts
About the film

Museum workers take out paintings from the basement. Conservations of the Prussian Homage. Conservators at work.

Director of Photography: Stanisław Szwedo
Subject Number: 5
Object: the National Museum in Cracow
Time: 1945
Place: Cracow
Rights: WFDiF
Sound: mono
Frame Size: 4:3
Colour system: black and white
Sequence description
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reader text

The grand gallery of Polish painting in Cracow's National Museum was subject to great damage during the time of German occupation. The Germans stole about 200 paintings to decorate offices, casinoes and private apartments. The rest was starting to decay in storerooms. The extant masterpieces are being conservated intensely at the moment. The famous Four by Chełmoński. Matejko's Prussian Homage and Wernyhora. Malczewski's Death of Ellenai. Along with restoration of paintings, other works of art and cultural relics are being conservated. Soon the exhibition rooms of Sukiennice, displaying the extant masterpieces of Polish art, will be opened.

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